Spa cover saver


Save money by keeping your  spa cover looking great and lasting longer. Here’s how.


       To help keep your spa cover in good condition and lasting longer always remove all snow from the cover before opening it. Using a cover cap (see spa accessories) over your cover will make removing snow very easy without scraping the cover. It will also protect the cover from ultra violet damage, mould and mildew and keep it cleaner and help it last longer saving you money.

     Also having a good quality cover lifter (see spa accessories on this website) to remove and hold the cover while using the spa will prevent damage from dragging it off the spa and dropping it on the ground. Support straps (see accessories) are a good investment as they take the weight of the cover off the vinyl hinge and prevent it from ripping.

       Make sure the hold down straps and locking clips are attached so the wind won’t blow the cover off or open it up letting the heat out. Hurricane straps (see accessories) will hold the cover on even in the windiest locations.

          Remember to use a good quality cover cleaner (see spa chemicals/cleaners) to keep it looking good and lasting longer.

          You can get all these great accessories and more advice while visiting Brian or Nancy at Pro-Tech Pool & Spa Service 1446 Chemong Rd Peterborough, ON.