Spa or hot tub water problems.


Even though spa maintenance is relatively easy, occasionally you may need to treat and correct the few spa or hot tub water problems which arise. The clarity of the spa water may range from dull or hazy to discoloured and even  milky white. There could be an odour and the water could foam up when the hot tub jets are turned on.These conditions can be caused by poor filtration due to clogged filters or too short filter cycles, a lack of sanitizing chemicals, poor water balance or heavy use.

To clear up the spa water and correct these issues remove and clean the filters by flushing them with a strong stream of water from a garden hose. If they are really dirty soak them using Filter nu. Increase the filter pump circulation time using the control keypad settings. Most hot tub default filter cycles are ok for most situations but may need to be increased depending on the usage and bather load. In order to clear up these hot tub water problems quickly shock the spa water (increase sanitizer level) using several scoops of Spa Chlor to destroy any bacteria and oxidize the organic material in the water. Use test strips to check sanitizer levels regularily and add Spa Tabs to maintain chlorine or bromine levels at 3 to 5 ppm. Shock spa water on a regular basis. To eliminate excessive foam bubbles instantly squirt a small amount of Bubble Burst onto the foam. 

The shock treatment should eliminate these water problems but may need a second treatment if it doesn’t do the job in 12 to 48 hours. If a second treatment is unsuccessful you should apply Spa Purge overnight then drain and refill the spa.

To prevent further water problems, possible skin irritation or damage to the spa and equipment  remember to balance the ph, alkalinity and hardness of the spa water.



Spa Cover Caps  A great way to maintain your hot tub cover from damaging weather elements and help your cover last longer. They also make it much easier to remove snow and ice during the winter. Just lift a corner and pull off taking ice and snow with it. Then shake it off.

Hot Tub Help


If you are having trouble with your hot tub and need hot tub help or just have questions regarding maintainence or operation of a hot tub then click on this link to Contact Us for hot tub help to email a question to us. Brian or Nancy will try to answer your question as soon as we can. The answer or hot tub help tip will be emailed to you as soon as possible. We will also post it on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Winter spa care


In the winter when temperatures drop below freezing it is a good habit to check your spa every day or two to make sure it is functioning properly. If you don’t want to go outside to check it then using a wireless digital thermometer with an indoor remote display will tell you if the temperature in the spa is dropping.

If the spa is not heating and there is an error message such as “ flo” ,”fl”, or 3 dots flashing on a digital keypad or the heat indicator light on older spas is won’t come on, then there is a blockage in the water flow. Try removing the filter cartridges, if this corrects the problem then clean or replace them. If this does not correct the problem then shut off power to the hot tub for 10 or 15 minutes then turn back on. If this corrects the problem continue to watch the spa closely to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If it doesn’t clear the error then call Pro-Tech Pool and Spa Service for an appointment for a service call. Put a small heater under the cabinet in the equipment area to prevent freeze damage.

Spa cover saver


Save money by keeping your  spa cover looking great and lasting longer. Here’s how.


       To help keep your spa cover in good condition and lasting longer always remove all snow from the cover before opening it. Using a cover cap (see spa accessories) over your cover will make removing snow very easy without scraping the cover. It will also protect the cover from ultra violet damage, mould and mildew and keep it cleaner and help it last longer saving you money.

     Also having a good quality cover lifter (see spa accessories on this website) to remove and hold the cover while using the spa will prevent damage from dragging it off the spa and dropping it on the ground. Support straps (see accessories) are a good investment as they take the weight of the cover off the vinyl hinge and prevent it from ripping.

       Make sure the hold down straps and locking clips are attached so the wind won’t blow the cover off or open it up letting the heat out. Hurricane straps (see accessories) will hold the cover on even in the windiest locations.

          Remember to use a good quality cover cleaner (see spa chemicals/cleaners) to keep it looking good and lasting longer.

          You can get all these great accessories and more advice while visiting Brian or Nancy at Pro-Tech Pool & Spa Service 1446 Chemong Rd Peterborough, ON.