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Hot tub is not Heating

        There are a few things you can do yourself to troubleshoot the problem if your hot tub is not heating. Check the temperature setting if the heat indicator led is not lit, as some spas will default to a factory setting such as 95°F or 100°F after a power outage. Also check for energy saving settings such as sleep mode which could be inadvertently set by pressing certain keypad strokes and cause a drop in temperature.

Then check for any error codes on the keypad such as flo , fl or 3 dots flashing. There is a problem with the flow of water through the heater manifold if any of these error codes appear. One of the most common causes of poor flow is a blocked or dirty filter. The first thing to try is to turn the power off to the hot tub and then remove the filter cartridge(s). Leave the filter cartridges out, check that there is nothing in the spa water which could be drawn into the open suction intake and turn the power back on. This action will reset any error codes which were displayed on the topside control. Now observe the topside display, if the error code does not return and the heat indicator led lights up then the flow issue has been eliminated and the filter cartridge must be dirty and blocking the flow. Clean the filter and reinstall it. You have solved the problem if the spa continues to heat and operate properly . If the led goes out and the error code is again displayed on the topside control then you need a new filter cartridge.

      Check to see if the circulating pump is running if the no heat problem is not caused by a dirty or worn out filter cartridge. If it is not running but just humming then the pump will need to be serviced. Average cost of overhauling a spa pump is around $145, a new 2 speed spa pump will cost in the neighbourhood of $450 to $800 depending on the size and model. If it doesn’t make any sound then troubleshooting the spa pak controls will be necessary. That is beyond the scope of this article and most hot tub owners and DIY’ers and should be done by a qualified service technician.

   Another cause for a hot tub to stop heating is a faulty pressure switch. This is characterized by a flow error code such as flo, fl, or 3 dots flashing on the topside display. To check the pressure switch use a multimeter to confirm continuity through the pressure switch while the circulation pump is running. If there is no continuity then replace the pressure switch. Cost for a pressure switch varies from $25 to $50 depending on the model and style of switch.

   If the preceding information has not helped you to resolved your no heat situation then contact Pro-Tech Pool and Spa to arrange a service call with one of our qualified and experienced service technicians.

   Rates for service calls In the Peterborough area are $95 per hour with travel up charges for longer distances.