Leak Detection & Repair

Pro-Tech Pool and Spa Service Ltd provides complete leak detection on all pools using the latest electronic technology and equipment.  With over 30 years experience detecting leaks in liners and concrete pools you can be assured we will find the leak as quickly as possible, saving the customer large repair bills.

Our on staff Certified Commercial Diver (Brian Vdovjak) will complete the underwater repairs.

We are able to accurately locate leaks in underground plumbing using pressure testing methods along with very sensative listening devices. We can then expose the damaged pipe to make the repair with minimal deck removal or excavating.

Our methods will determine if your water loss is due to a leak in the pool or evaporation.

If you are experiencing more than usual water loss and suspect you may have a leak call the professionals at Pro-Tech and we will be happy to assist you.

Fix leaks in swimming pools