Liner Replacement

If your liner is old and faded or is full of patches and leaking we can make your pool look like new again.

When Pro-Tech Pool and Spa does  your liner replacement we will first remove your old liner and discard it. After the pool has been emptied we then measure all dimensions accurately and custom order the new liner. It will fit better than the original liner. When a pool is first installed the pool kit and liner is manufactured first, then the builder must excavate the hole and construct the pool using backhoes etc under less than ideal conditions. During a liner replacement it is important that the service company always completely empty the pool and make the proper measurements so the liner can be manufactured using computer aided designs, and processes to make a much more accurate fit.

Then all surfaces are completely scraped to remove all grit and rough deposits on the metal walls and concrete bottom. New tape is applied to all wall joints and around the joint between the coping and walls this will smooth out the joints so they will be less visible. Now the interior is wiped down and swept out to clean and make sure there is no dirt or grit on any surfaces which will protrude up through the liner and look ugly or cause perforations through the liner. Any cracks or other sharp edges in the concrete bottom which will show and create unsightly marks or may cause damage to the liner are patched with cement. All gaskets for all fittings including skimmers, main drains, jets or inlets and lights are replaced  with new gaskets. Then the liner is sucked back tight to the walls and bottom using a large vacuum to prevent wrinkles and keep the liner smooth and fitting snug until the water has been put in. Liner replacement 1We can fill the pool using your garden hose and our special “smart vacuum” which controls the water input with a water level sensor and will shut the water off at the proper level. The faceplates for the skimmer and jets must be installed when the water level is just below the fittings to prevent uneven stretching of the liner around the fittings which will produce wrinkling in these areas.

If you are on a well and prefer not to use it, we will arrange for a water truck to fill the pool.