Pool Openings

We take pride in doing a complete quality service. When we complete your pool opening it will be ready for the season.

We’ll start by removing all the standing water and debris from the winter cover. Then we take the cover off and fold it to bring it back to our facility where it will be cleaned with a high pressure power washer and Mursatt Chemicals ” Cover Cleaner” which is a good quality cleaning solution with a mold inhibiter. We store your cover here and bring it back in the fall when we close your pool. Next the scum line is brushed and the deck is hosed off. The winter plugs are taken out and the jet nozzles are put in. The poolside equipment such as ladders, diving boards, lights, hand rails etc are reinstalled. The pump, filter, heater, chlorinator etc. are reconnected and started up with a special fitting to operate the system until the pool is filled. We vacuum the bottom of the pool with our pump and equipment to remove leaves, worms and other large debris which may have gotten under the winter cover.  We will shock the pool water with 10 liters of liquid chlorine, if the water is very dirty or has algae we will add extra chlorine to clean it up. (extra charge)

All that is left for you to do after the pool opening is fill the pool up to the proper level and bring in a water sample to the store after a few days when the water has mixed and the chlorine shock has dissipated.

* If your pool is very dirty, such as to green or cloudy to see the bottom or the surface is coated with algae or extra large amounts of leaves or debris, we will be unable to vacuum and clean up the pool. In such cases you can request a service call to do the clean up at another time at additional cost.

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