Weekly Maintenance

Weekly swimming pool maintenance includes one visit per week by our trained pool technicians scheduled on Thursdays or Fridays. The schedule is made up to create routes to reduce driving.

During each visit we will skim the surface of the pool, vacuum the pool bottom, brush the walls and test the water for chlorine, ph, alkalinity and for hardness and stabilizer regularily throughout the season. We will shock the pool water and put in the required chlorine pucks and will add the nessessary chemicals to maintain proper water balance. Cleaning of the skimmer basket, pump basket and backwashing are also done each week.

The customer will need to top up the water level and skim the surface as needed during the week.

The fees are for each weeks visit and are based on size of pool, how dirty the pool gets on average due to trees etc. and distanc from our shop. All chemicals are included in the price. Extra visits can be scheduled at our regular service rates.