Sundance 680 Series McKinley

On display with pricing in store.

Platinum with Coastal Grey cabinet.


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The spacious McKinley® spa offers room for up to seven adults. Delivering total relaxation and value, its classic hydrotherapy experience makes you feel good long after leaving the water.

Throughout this 680™ Series spa, configurations and jet formations soothe muscles and release knots to renew your body. A cool down seat makes it easy to soak and socialize without completely leaving the water’s comforting warmth. And, thanks to classic jets nestled into a foot dome, your feet can find relief from almost any seat in the spa.

  • 1552 liters
  • 44
  • Waterfall
  • 7′.5″ x 7′.5″ x 36″ (89″ x 89″ x 36″)
  • North America (60 Hz): 2-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous,
  • North America (60 Hz): 1-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous