40amp GFCI

The Siemens 40 amp GFCI hot tub breaker with metal enclosure rated for outdoor installation will meet the requirements for most spa application that require this type and size ground fault protection breaker.


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4 Wire 120/240Vac, 40 amp 2 Pole QO GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) breaker,
Panel has 2 additional slots to accommodate 2 optional 120 volt single pole breakers,
Metal, compact Type 3R outdoor enclosure will not rust,
Unique top hinged door for easy access,
Extended mounting bracket permits quick pilot hole drilling and Hole spacing for brick mortar joint mounting,
GFCI Metal Housing Dimensions: 12.25″ High x 6.5″ Wide x 4.25″ Deep (approx.,
125 Amp max panel rating,
UL / CSA approved,


What’s in the box?

Metal box with 2 double pole breaker seats
Faceplate for metal box with 2 double pole breaker slots
1 – 40 Amp GFCI breaker
Weather resistant top for metal box with rubber gasket and fastener
5 hole ground bar with 2 fasteners
4 screws
1 ground fork